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*All Districts and Schools Were Not Rated in 2020 Due to COVID-19*

Given the impact of COVID-19, all districts and schools received a label of Not Rated: Declared State of Disaster for their 2020 accountability ratings. Labels and data shown below reflect prior year(s) accountability outcomes. Click here to read the official announcement.

School Progress 2018-19

How much better did the students perform in this district?

92 out of 100

School Progress measures how much better students performed on the STAAR test this year versus last year. It also looks at how much better students are doing academically at the district compared to similar districts.

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How is the score for school progress calculated?

Component Score % of grade
Relative Performance 92 100%
Academic Growth 87 -


Scores are calculated using the higher of Academic Growth or Relative Performance. In this case, Relative Performance is used.

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Did Students Perform Well Compared To Those At Similar Districts?

Relative Performance Score

out of 100

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What Percent of Students Made A Year's Worth of Academic Growth?

Academic Growth Final Score

out of 100

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Students Who Grew a Year Academically

State: 69%

This District



76% 68%


79% 70%