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Total Student Enrollment 2017–18: 1,331

Schools: 5

School Progress 2017–18

How much better did the students perform in this district?

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School Progress measures how much better students performed on the STAAR test this year versus last year. It also looks at how much better students are doing academically at the district compared to similar districts.

How is the score for school progress calculated?

This district's score was calculated using:
Academic Growth

Since the district scored higher in academic growth, that score was used as the overall score for School Progress.

Other measures in School Progress:

Relative Performance
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What percentage of students made a year's worth of academic growth in reading and math?

Academic Growth Final Score

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Students Who Grew a Year Academically

State: 69%
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State: 69%


State: 70%

How much progress are students making relative to students at similar districts?

Relative Performance Final Score

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Student Achievement: STAAR Performance and CCM Readiness


Economically Disadvantaged Students